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Minotaur - High Resolution Friction Drive Telescope Mount

Minotaur - High Resolution Friction Drive Telescope Mount

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Introducing the JTW Minotaur. This is a modern spin on the traditional type friction drive. It's precise, versatile and economical. The scoring system is relative to other mounts in our new modular range.

Retail price is 6995,00 euros including 21% VAT (removed for international orders). A 500 euro deposit is required to order a mount with the balance due before shipping, expected at the end of 2nd quarter 2024. 

- 35 kg Payload*
- 12 kg Mount head weight
- Full aerospace aluminium construction
- Hardened hybrid ceramic drive system
- Friction drive
- 7.5° per second slew rate
- 0.04" Drive resolution
- 0.02" Resolution absolute encoders, both axes
- Guiding not required**
- Losmandy/Vixen saddle with no-mark clamping
- Internal mount wiring
- Through-mount cable conduit
- Ethernet saddle feedthrough
- XT60 saddle feedthrough
- 2.1 mm jack saddle feedthrough
- USB-PD saddle output
- Soft and hard overtravel limits
- Fine polar alignment system
- 15° to 75° latitude range
- WiFi, Ethernet and USB connectivity
- Dimmable red work light

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* For difficult loads such as large refracting telescopes the payload will be reduced
** In almost all instances. Some special situations such as extremely long focal lengths may require guiding
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