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Trident GTR Technical Drawings/Models


Useful drawings for observatory planning.

3D Model of the Trident GTR (STEP)

2D Drawing of the Trident GTR

Pier/Tripod Details

Pier modification details. The outermost holes are for use with a pier. The innermost are simply countersunk holes to match a standard Berlebach PLANET tripod, modified with the existing holes drilled out and tapped to an M8x1.25 thread.

3D Model of the pier plate (STEP)

2D Drawing of the pier plate

Dec Axis Mounting Details

Dec axis mounting details for installing a custom fitting. The mount comes with a spacer that can be reused for this purpose, only the saddle/cheeseplate would need manufacturing.

3D Model of a GTR Drive wheel (STEP)

2D Drawing of a GTR Drive wheel

Counterweight Details

Counterweight dimensions, to reduce high costs and carbon footprint of shipping something heavy/simple that could easily be made locally

3D Model of 10 kg GTR counterweight (STEP)

2D Drawing of GTR counterweight

OnStep Controller Info

JTW OnStep - BlackPill version


Friction Drive

Guiding Quick Troubleshooter