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JTW Manticore Official OnStep Controller BiSS-C Encoder Edition

JTW Manticore Official OnStep Controller BiSS-C Encoder Edition

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Connector Layout
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The Manticore is packed with features and can control almost any type of mount with stepper motors. These could be used to rebuild an existing mount to modernise it (we also offer that as a service), they could also be used by ATMers who want to build their own mount. For customisation requests please contact us after placing your order. Lead time is 1-2 weeks depending on build selection and customisation requirements. All variants of the Manticore are official OnStep hardware, a portion of the proceeds go towards support and development of the fantastic OnStep system. Users of the Manticore receive full support from both JTW and OnStep. 

Features -
  • Compact size - 90 mm x 70 mm
  • USB-C/WiFi/Ethernet connectivity
  • 2x ESP32S Processors
  • 12 VDC
  • Open source OnStepX control system
  • Can be flashed remotely
  • BiSS-C Encoder support for closed loop motion control (e.g. Renishaw)
    • Supports up to 26-bit (0.02" resolution)
    • Optional Kalman filter
    • PID control
  • Trinamic stepper drivers via UART (TMC2209)
    • 256x Microstepping
    • 2000 mA continuous current per axis
    • StealthChop2 (silent running)
    • StallGuard4
    • CoolStep (reduced power consumption)
  • ST4 port for handpad or Smart Hand Controller 2+
  • PEC sensor support
  • Homing sensor support
  • Overtravel sensor support
  • Two work light channels (LED PWM)
  • Real time clock with battery backup
  • I2C breakout header
  • GPS support
  • BME sensor support
  • Magnetic brake for friction drive and harmonic drive during power off
  • Status LEDs
  • Header for external power switch
  • Motor drivers and 5v regulator are easy to replace
  • Fuse holder
  • Buzzer

Available as -

SMT PCB - 114,95 euros

  • PCB only
  • All SMT components and sockets fitted
  • Required to complete
    • Housing
    • 2x TMC2209 UART Stepper drivers
    • W5500 Mini
    • OKI78SR5/1.5W36C Power module
    • 4x8P 2.54 pitch female headers
    • Power supply
    • Cables and sockets wiring
    • Buzzer

Finished PCB - 149,95 euros

  • PCB with additional components added
  • Required to complete
    • Housing
    • Power supply
    • Cables and sockets for wiring

Complete kit - 274,95 euros

  • Finished PCB
  • All loose components and modules required to finish the PCB
  • Machined housing
  • Power supply
  • Pre-wired sockets for housing
  • Plugs to make/modify your own cables from the mount
  • Required to complete
    • Time

Ready to run controller - 334,95 euros

  • Assembled controller in case
  • Flashed with OnStepX and ready to use
  • Power supply
  • Sockets all fitted, plugs provided to make/modify your own cable from the mount
  • Two year warranty
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