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10 kg Forever Weight - Counterweight - Preorder

10 kg Forever Weight - Counterweight - Preorder

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Counterweight Shaft

The last counterweights that you'll ever need! Pre-order now for a 10% discount. 

An essential but often overlooked item for many astrophotography setups. They're often not compatible between brands, can be expensive to ship and do not wear out, we decided to give them an overhaul!

These counterweights have all the features that you'd expect while also having a sleeve system that allows them to be easily and economically adapted for any mount that you might buy in the future.

  • Stainless steel
  • Changeable anodised aluminium inserts that won't damage counterweight shaft
  • Brass tips on the locking screws to prevent damage to counterweight shaft
  • Glove friendly, recessed locking handle with hex drive
  • Machined grooves to make any number/configuration of weights look like one uniform stack
  • 1 set of sleeves included

Delivery in 4-6 weeks. 

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