Based in the Netherlands, our international team of mechanical, electronic, optical and software engineers share passion for astronomy, science and technology.

We offer several in-house products for amateur and professional astronomers as well as manufacture large telescope systems for universities and observatories.

JTW-ONE Robotic Telescope Installaton

Industrialized countries are usually too light-polluted for any serious work with a telescope. Additionally, frequent poor weather can mean a telescope is idle more often than it is used. The solution has always been to put telescopes on dark sites, where there is little civilization and particularly favorable weather conditions. Our robotic telescope project is a way to give astronomers access to superior equipment in superior locations.

JTW-ONE concept, 1000 mm f/5.6 ECDK
Bortle’s dark sky scale

Our ambition is install four 1 meter telescopes around the world, two in the northern hemisphere and two in the southern hemisphere, deployed in phases starting from a location in Western Europe with at least 250 clear days per year. Organizations or individuals will be able rent the installation for a set period of time, e.g., by the hour, and it will be possible to control the telescope from anywhere in the world via a remote portal. The estimated service life of each installation is at least 30 years.

We are eager to hear from organizations interested in the project and/or shared time on the system. Our instruments have something to offer to everyone!

Key design points

  • 1000 mm Enhanced Corrected Dall Kirkham
  • f/5.6 Fast but diffraction limited design with 3 element corrector
  • Integrated atmospheric dispersion corrector
  • As an option, tip/tilt adaptive optics for planetary work
  • Triple Nasmyth focal positions via automated tertiary mirror
  • On-board EL panel for fat frame calibration
  • Alt-az mount
  • High speed direct drive
  • High precision, no need for guiding
  • Imaging position has a precision field rotator

Imaging & scientific mode

  • 21 position automated filter wheel, LRGB, Sloan, narrowband, NIR, UV.
  • 5 positions automated focal length adjustment
  • Monochrome rear illuminated CCD with 50 mm diagonal
  • Integrated & automated ADC (atmospheric dispersion corrector)
  • Broadband solar filter, automated

Spectroscopy mode

  • Our award winning L200 spectroscope, automated
  • No corrector cell

Outreach mode

  • Color camera for astrophotography, large aperture
  • Custom image processing software, images stacking