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Thanks to the acquisition of new, large machinery we are optimising our facility towards making custom instrumentation - large telescopes, mounts, optics, etc. For more info please mail to:

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Pay for your order with Bitcoins and receive a 15% discount, offer valid until 31/12/13, please drop us an email for more information.

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All JTW Astronomy products are manufactured in our own workshop. We are accepting requests for custom engineering of all kinds. Please visit JTW Engineering for more details.

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Important News

We are now accepting orders for large or bespoke instrumentation. Our latest acquisition of large machinery, which we have retrofitted (in-house) with brand new CNC controls, has enabled us to enter the professional and ProAm instrumentation market. While we build up a portfolio we are waiving design and engineering costs and also offering reduced price production.

The first batch of our new ULT-700DC is approaching release date. Once again we are accepting reservations, no pre-payment or obligations. Please send an email to:


Our mission is to lower the bar for entry in to astrophotography. To bring our great hobby to as many people as possible, we supply high quality astrophotography equipment for amateur astronomers. Our products include CCD cameras, modified DSLRs and modified webcams, browse the tabs above for the complete range.

Imaging Contest Winner

2012 Winner - F Hemmerich

DSLR Imaging Contest winner - Dr F. Hemmerich. Congratulations!

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JTW Ultimate series of specialised DSLR cameras

Custom built, highly specialised DSLR cameras for the uncompromising amateur.
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