Corrected Newtonian 200

400 mm f2.5 widefield - 6 micron spots

The humble Newtonian telescope, done properly. These instruments are for amateurs who have outgrown their mass produced telescope. Our newtonian telescopes feature 1/8th PTV optics and an integrated corrector.

Each corrected newtonian is available in two speeds, f/4 or f/7. This gives a choice between relatively fast deep sky or a slower system with higher native magnification for smaller DSO’s or lunar/solar/planetary observations.

Price (Excl.VAT)


Aperture (mm)200
Recommended mount typeGEM
Tube tubeClosed
Focal length (mm)800
Tube length (transport)450
Tube length (operating)650
OTA Weight (kg)7
Back focus150
Focal ratio F/4
Fully corrected imaging circle (mm)50
Cooling fansPrimary mirror
Mirror coatingsEnhanced Aluminium + SiO2 protective layer
FocuserDual speed JTW Rhino
Tube constructionCarbon fiber
Optical surface quality (Strehl, PTV)0.97, 1/10
Primary mirror substrateSchott Supremax 33
Primary mirror cell6 point floatation cell
Primary baffleOTA baffles
Secondary mirror substrateSchott Supremax 33
Secondary mirror cell3 point RTV
CorrectorIntegrated 2-element
BoltingA4 Stainless steel
Metal protectionDual
Surface treatmentAluminium – 20 micron hard-coat anodising
PaintExterior grade powdercoat (environmentally friendly)
Anti dew systemOptional