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Sony Alpha DSLR Astromod Filter 700 nm Shortpass - Clearance

Sony Alpha DSLR Astromod Filter 700 nm Shortpass - Clearance

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This is our remaining stock of filters for astromodification of Sony A7 cameras with a full frame sensor. They have a 700 nm cutoff and broadband anti-reflection coating. 

Since 2012 we have modified over 2000 DSLR cameras but recently decided to no longer offer this service. We have 40 of these filters left and there will be no more, this is a special clearance price. 

Important -

The Sony A7R (all types) is not suitable for the astromodification due to an internal light source that becomes visible after the modification, it manifests similarly to amp glow and cannot be effectively processed away.

The Sony Alpha series has been around for a while, it is very important to note that recent developments in lens design has made this modification unusable with modern high end or very fast lenses. The Sony Alpha series has a very thick stack of filters, previously it was a great improvement to remove this slab of glass and replace it with a thinner filter.

Modern lenses incorporate this thick filter stack into the optical design of the lens. This can lead to a loss of performance especially off-axis after modification. This may or may not be an issue and varies from totally fine to unusable, depending on the lens model. It affects newer lenses more than older lenses. If you plan to use the camera on a telescope it doesn't matter. 

Dimensions of the filter - 42.0 x 30.5 x 1.0 mm

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