JTW Astronomy offers solutions other than outright purchase of a telescope and mount system. All our products are available under lease conditions where you pay per month. We also have two large remote systems under construction. The JTW-ONE and the JTW-600. This is a one meter ECDK and a 600 mm ECDK (enhanced corrected Dall-Kirkham). These will be available to use on an hourly basis.

Service Contracts

We offer a service system to institutes and schools for maintenance of equipment. This service reduces costs of ownership, mirrors are recoated for a reduced price, mounts and other equipment will be regularly serviced and rebuilt to maximise performance and lifetime. Any engineering tasks such as repairs or modifications are offered for a reduced price too. These services are billed monthly with no minimum time required. Included in this service is advise and consultancy services. These contracts also allow access to lease equipment at a reduced price.

Remote Systems

The JTW-ONE is a modern one meter instrument that has 4 configurations, a science & astrophotography station with top of the range CCD camera and a 21 position filter wheel, position 2 has a spectroscope and position 3 has a colour camera to be used for live tours and outreach. Position 4 is currently secret.

This system will be available to lease on an hourly rate with a wide price range based on sky quality (lunar phase), etc. The instrument will also be used for outreach via social media with free access to anyone interested.

The JTW-600 is a smaller instrument that will be available on similar terms but for a lower cost due to it being smaller. We will have specialists available to give tours to groups such as students or clubs.

Telescope Leasing

It is possible to lease our equipment for a set amount of years. These contracts are all special cases and you will need to contact us by email to discuss this further. The equipment can range from our smallest to our largest systems.

We will arrange installation and training for staff, the system will be delivered turnkey and when the lease ends we will come and remove the equipment. This represents a greatly reduced cost for access to professional grade equipment.