Telescope Mirrors

Select the required parameters and click ‘request quote’ to autofill the form at the bottom right of this page, then fill out your email address and we will get directly into contact with you. This tool is to give us a general idea of what you require, the final specifications can only be reached after discussing the various options and deciding on more detailed parameters after reviewing design performance, optical substrate, etc.

When our standard range of telescopes doesn’t meet your requirements you may use this tool to submit an inquiry for custom made optics. Here you may specify any type of mirror. Each optical element must be submitted separately. If you do not have the prescription for each element you can also take advantage of our optical engineering services to design the entire system for you.

DiameterThis is the physical diameter of the mirror
MaterialChoice of Supremax 33, fused silica or zerodur. For most applications Supremax will be sufficient.
Radius of curvatureEnter manually into a text box. A negative number for a concave mirror, positive for a convex mirror.
Conic constantSelect from the drop down menu, if not spherical or paraboloidal then enter the CC manually into a text box
Focal ratioDesired f-number of the mirror, enter if radius of curvature is not known
Surface qualityRequired optical performance choice of 0.84, 0.92, 0.95 or 0.97 strehl. We recommend a minimum of 0.92 strehl.
CoatingChoice of mirror coating based on the desired spectral response. For visual wavelengths we recommend the enhanced aluminium coating.
Protective quartz layerA protective layer that’s much harder than the aluminium coating, this greatly increases the amount of time between recoatings and also protects the reflective layer during cleaning.