Optical Engineering

Select the required parameters and click ‘request quote’ to autofill the form at the bottom right of this page, then fill out your email address and we will get directly into contact with you. This tool is to give us a general idea of what you require, the final specifications can only be reached after discussing the various options and deciding on more detailed parameters after reviewing design performance, optical substrate, etc.
Quality materials
In-house grinding
Thorough testing
Restoration and revision

JTW Astronomy offers custom optical design services for special instances where our standard catalog doesn’t meet requirements or for when another entity will do the manufacturing. If you have a very specific problem that needs to be solved with a bespoke optical system please send an email to the address below. These services also can include mechanical, software and electronic engineering.

This can be used to provide the basics of commonly encountered telescopes - newtonian, corrected newtonian, Dall-Kirkham, corrected Dall-Kirkham, Ritchey-Chetien, Cassegrain. For anything more exotic with specialised correctors, mangin elements, etc, please submit a direct email inquiry. We can also handle unusual one-of-a-kind tasks such as production of parts for vintage and antique telescopes in period correct materials.