Elliptical Mirrors

Select the required parameters and click ‘request quote’ to autofill the form at the bottom right of this page, then fill out your email address and we will get directly into contact with you. This tool is to give us a general idea of what you require, the final specifications can only be reached after discussing the various options and deciding on more detailed parameters after reviewing design performance, optical substrate, etc.

These are an often overlooked part of a newtonian telescope. Many times we have seen telescopes with poor performance where the end user wanted the primary mirror refiguring only to find that the problem was actually a poor quality secondary mirror. Our brand new optical flat polishing machine can handle optics up to 500 mm in diameter.

Semi-minor axisThis is the ‘short’ measurement of the ellipse. If you need help determining this please get in touch.
MaterialChoice of Supremax 33, fused silica or zerodur. For most applications Supremax will be sufficient.
Surface qualityRequired optical performance choice of 0.84, 0.92, 0.95 or 0.97 strehl. We recommend a minimum of 0.95 due to the relative low cost of these small mirrors and also the large impact that a lower quality secondary can have on an otherwise good primary mirror.
CoatingChoice of mirror coating based on the desired spectral response. For visual wavelengths we recommend the enhanced aluminium coating.
Protective quartz layerA protective layer that’s much harder than the aluminium coating, this greatly increases the amount of time between recoatings and also protects the reflective layer during cleaning.