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OnStep MaxESP4 PCB Only

OnStep MaxESP4 PCB Only

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Build your own OnStep controller. This is a professionally made PCB with SMT components pre-installed, full details here - MaxESP4 - EasyEDA open source hardware lab ( JTW is a licensed distributor of OnStep hardware. 

This design is built around the ESP32S processor (available on eBay, Amazon, etc.) It has 4MB of flash, dual processor cores, runs at 240MHz, and has fast single precision capable floating point units.  This has a moderate amount of soldering necessary but most components needed to build one of these can be obtained from EasyEDA/LCSC and eBay.

This PCB requires regular and SMD soldering to be completed. If you wish for a fully assembled PCB please contact us. 

This controller includes the following features:

* Power: Coaxial power jack, fuse, and power switch connection.
* Stepper drivers: Four, one for RA/Azm, one for Dec/Alt, one for a focuser, and one for a rotator/second focuser. It's designed to support full control (microstep mode etc.) of FYSETC TMC2209 v3.1 drivers in all four sockets. It can also operate external GENERIC (Step/Dir/ENable signal) drivers for RA/Azm and Dec/Alt. All stepper motor connections are available on RJ jacks at the PCB back (screw terminals are optional.)

* Micro USB port built into the ESP32S.
* Status LED.
* Mini speaker for alert buzzer.
* DB15 15 pin D-Sub connector: primary external I/O for Gnd, +3.3V, 5V, two Home Switches, PEC, PPS, I2C, the Serial0 port (shared with built in Micro USB,) and two channels of A/B encoder inputs.
* 3.5mm stereo mini jack: secondary external I/O for Limit Switches and Reticle.
* RJ12 Modular connector: ST4 guider interface (with optional 5V power.)

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