JTW Astronomy has a lot of experience building large and unusual mounts. When one of our standard mounts isn’t quite suitable it’s possible to make modifications or to make an entirely custom mount. This is always done in line with our company policy of standardisation, even our most custom mounts share the majority of their functional parts with our standard mounts meaning no issues with spare parts later into the mount’s life cycle.

Typical reasons for a custom mount would be an unusual payload, ruggedisation requirements, adaptation to existing equipment. Minor customisations, such as colour scheme, are possible on any product. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your scientific goals.


Arrays are a great way to maximise performance of an installation. By fitting multiple instruments to a single mount you are multplying the amount of data produced by a single installation without multiplying the overheads of the site. An excellent example of this is the GOTO system that we recently built. Check our portfolio for more information.

You don’t need a large system to take advantage of an array, small arrays are very beneficial for amateur astronomers in less than perfect climates. With a small array of four telescopes you can gather four hours of data in a single hour, this can be many combinations of different channels and also a different field of view if needed.