We are specialised in extremely high performance mounts. The characteristics of our mounts are:

  • extreme speed - up to 360 degrees a second,
  • extreme payloads – our Mammoth can carry 500 kg,
  • extreme precision – 0.02 arcsecond resolution & no guiding needed,
  • extreme environments – ruggedised to military standards,
  • extreme applications – we deliver what some competitors refuse to even atempt!

Our mounts deliver far above and beyond what is expected of them. In some cases, carrying 10x the payload of the nearest competing mount. This yields many advantages such as vastly extended service life and reliability and opens up a whole realm of possibilities with piggybacking additional instrumentation onto the mount, instruments that traditionally would have required their own mounts.

We have a selection of standardised mounts and also offer totally bespoke solutions for your system. Our standard mounts can carry 100, 250 or 500 kilograms and have several drive options: kinematic gear drive, direct drive and harmonic drive. These systems are functionally identical. We standardise as much as possible, and when using 3rd party parts, we use standardised parts, meaning many years of worry free operation. Our equipment is meant to last for decades. The fundamental differences between the mounts are simply related to the size of the components.

Each mount can be delivered with a custom made pier or we can adapt the mount to suit any pier you already have. Larger mounts are available upon request.

Direct vs kinematic gear drive

The advantages of a gear drive are more torque, more tolerance of imbalance and lower cost. The advantages of a direct drive are typically higher slewing speeds, mechanical simplicity and higher precision.

We offer the most accurate gear drive on the market. The absolute encoders combined with the kinematic worm/wheel system offer precision that most would only associate with direct drive systems, using a powerful servo motor, on-axis encoders and an athermalised chain drive for the ultimate in durability and precision. The worm wheel is precision ground between ground bushes and the worm is also ground between centers with ground journals.

In our direct drive series, the absolute encoders combined with the industrial grade Kollmorgen direct drive motors offer speed and precision that is simply impossible with other systems. Slewing at 60 degrees a second, on-axis encoders ensure absolute precision. Slewing speeds of 360 degrees a second are possible with special order.