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Lycan - Backlash-free Gear Driven Mount

Lycan - Backlash-free Gear Driven Mount

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Introducing the JTW Lycan, our next generation backlash-free Gear driven mount. This is a modern spin on a traditional system that yields a high payload for a modest price. The scoring system is relative to other mounts in our new modular range.

Retail price is 6995,00 euros including 21% VAT. A 500 euro deposit is required to order a mount with the balance due before shipping.

- 50 kg Payload*
- 15 kg Mount head weight
- Full aerospace aluminium construction
- Backlash-free gear drive
- 5.0° per second slew rate
- 0.04" Drive resolution
- 0.02" Resolution absolute encoders, both axes
- Guiding not required**
- Losmandy/Vixen saddle with no-mark clamping
- Internal mount wiring
- Through-mount cable conduit
- Ethernet saddle feedthrough
- XT60 saddle feedthrough
- 2.1 mm jack saddle feedthrough
- USB-PD saddle output
- Soft and hard overtravel limits
- Tool-free operation
- Fine polar alignment system
- 15° to 75° latitude range
- 90° Alt-Az mode
- WiFi, Ethernet and USB connectivity
- Dimmable red work light
- Removable magnetic bracket for digital polar scopes
- Adapter system to fit most tripods

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* For difficult loads such as large refracting telescopes the payload will be reduced
** In almost all instances. Some special situations such as extremely long focal lengths may require guiding
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