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JTW OnStep SMT edition

JTW OnStep SMT edition

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The PCB will arrive pre-flashed and tested.

This is a version of the OnStep controller that we designed to eliminate the need for hand assembly. Only the components intended to be replaceable and mounted on headers are not already preinstalled on the board. All you need to do is solder some headers, pop the extra modules in, flash the firmware and away you go. This controller is ideal for projects or retrofitting existing mounts. OnStep is open source and as such this gives you access to every parameter inside your mount, your mount controller will no longer be a black box. OnStep is packed to the brim with features.

Contents of this kit -

  • Populated PCB
  • BlackPill microcontroller
  • LOLIN Pro Mini WiFi module
  • 2x TMC2130 SPI motor drivers with 256x microstepping
  • Heatsinks
  • Backup battery

Highlights - 

  • Low power consumption
  • 12-24 VDC 
  • 256x microstepping
  • Supports absolute encoders for pointing
    • BiSS-C, SSI 
    • Up to 32 bit
    • 250 kHz readout speed
  • Trinamic motor drivers
    • StealthChop - Silent running
    • Missed step detection
    • On-the-fly microstep reduction for fast slewing and fine tracking
    • Plugged into headers & can be easily replaced in the future
  • WeAct BlackPill microcontroller
    • Powerful
    • Cost effective
    • Plugged into headers
  • LOLIN Pro WiFi module
    • Smart web server for tuning parameters without reflashing the controller
    • Plugged into headers
  • Screw terminal headers for easy connection of motor or encoder wires
  • On board high precision real time clock & backup battery
  • ST4 Guide Port
  • USB-C and WiFi connectivity to computer
  • ASCOM and INDI Driver
  • App that turns mobile device into a highly featured hand controller

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