One of our specialties is custom mounts that can carry a large number of widefield telescopes, sweeping the entire sky very quickly. These systems have the advantage of more efficient use of resources, only one mount is needed and only one observatory will be needed, greatly reducing the footprint of the system.

All our mounts and telescopes can be offered in a ruggedised version and with additional customisation. We have extremely high speed mounts for tracking equipment, 360 degrees a second is possible. Custom build arrays on single or multiple mounts can be used for satellite or other NEO tracking.

Terrestrial Systems

This is any type of telescope/mount system that is based on the ground. Using our expertise and agility we can build custom solutions to demand. If you have special requirements for a system and cannot find a solution please contact us.

Satellite Tracking Arrays

Arrays of high resolution widefield systems are particularly useful to survey the sky looking for objects, these images can be automatically analysed and objects of interest can be relayed on to a larger instrument for a closer look.

Due to the specialised nature of these systems they often require specialised software. This can be produced in house to your specifications.