Nikon D5300

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Nikon D5300 DSLR camera with colour correcting OWB low pass filter removed.

Nikon's 'advanced beginner' DSLR, the D5300 takes the D5200's place between the entry-level D3200 and the enthusiast-targeted D7100 in the company's APS-C lineup. The D5300 offers a 24MP sensor (like its 24MP APS-C stablemates), an articulated rear LCD, and more physical controls than the D3200, but without the twin-dial interface and professional-grade AF system of the decidedly higher-market (and therefore much more expensive) D7100.

Modified  Nikon D5200 DSLR FrontModified  Nikon D5200 DSLR Rear
Modified  Nikon D5200 DSLR specs