Nikon D5

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Nikon D5 camera with colour correcting OWB low pass filter removed!

No other camera matches the D5's ability to shoot anything, anywhere, in any light. It's the king of low light, and the king of action. It's sort of like what the US Marine snipers tell their targets: you can run, but you'll just die tired. If you want to shoot it, the D5 will get it, and it will be sharp and colorful as well. Nikon always says that their new cameras are awesome, and it's usually just the same old thing with a new feature or two. With the D5's genuinely new AF system and Auto WB performance, along with ultra-high ISOs and 10-20% higher frame rate than the old D4 and D4s, the D5 really does let photographers of all stripes shoot more better, which gives pro shooters significant competitive advantages

ModifiedNikon D5 FrontModifiedNikon D5 Rear
ModifiedNikon D5 specs