Our products

Our products range from small ready-to-use components that you can acquire online to complex and highly customized products made to order. Keeping in mind that we mainly focus on production, we cannot always deliver instant customer service similarly to other retailers. However, if you experience an issue with any of our products or cannot find what you need on the market, we encourage you to contact us with your request. As long as your expectations regarding the time and costs of custom fabrication are realistic, we can make you a unique accessory, component or a top-quality telescope system.

Modified cameras for astrophotography

We offer cameras with colour correcting OWB low pass filter removed. This greatly increases sensitivity, especially to longer wavelengths such as h-alpha (around 300% improvement).

Professional and amateur telescopes

Check our offerings of high-end telescopes for both professional and amateur markets. Ordering from manufacturer with almost no overhead costs, you can get much more for your budget!

Observatory grade mounts

From the early days of the company, we are devoted to making quality products. No corners are cut here and our attitude manifests in the best performing and eye-catching mounts. Sometimes they even make international news!


Dreaming big but cannot afford it yet? Check our solutions: equipment on lease, observatory as a service, hosting... and much more! Share your dream and we will do our best to make it happen.


Optics are the heart and soul of any telescope, yet you can count quality mirror suppliers on one hand. With our new mirror-grinding facility, we aim to be on that list.


Want to know what satellites are doing over there? We have few ideas and are open to new challenges!

Astronomical instruments

Take your observation experience to a new level with the help of our beautiful instruments. We offer spectroscopes, focusers, filter wheels, and will be delighted to make anything you need for your set up.


Do not let hardware issues to stand on your way! Even with limited budget you do not have to compromise on quality: our accessories are made with rare precision and are designed to be as universal as possible.