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Custom refractors

We now offer custom built refractors with world class optics from APM in Germany. For more info please mail to:

Instrumentation specialist

Thanks to the acquisition of new, large machinery we are optimising our facility towards making custom instrumentation - large telescopes, mounts, optics, etc. For more info please mail to:

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A map showing every country we have ever shipped to.

Here you can see what our customers say about our products and services, from modified DSLR and CCD cameras to our custom built instrumentation. This is a new page and we plan to expand this much further!

L200 Spectroscope

"Just to let you know the L200 has arrived safely. I must complement you on the quality of the engineering, just fantastic." - B.S.

"Yes, certainly happy with the L200 & no issues, but not so happy with the weather which has limited use." - R.G.

"Very much enjoying the L-200. All cloudy off course, but there is so much to learn wink emoticon" - A.B.

"Yes the unit has arrived! And a really nice unit indeed. Love the finish." - B.P.

"I was impressed by the professional build quality of the L200 incl. the very nice and user-friendly reflective slit." - P.D.

"The cases are excellent, and the new neon drivers also arrived safely" - J.W.

"Thanks again, this spectroscope is certainly very well built. Your crew has done a great job." - J.M.

"I was surprised about the well-made instrument and the kind support by Mark. So, the L200, made by JTW Astronomy, is for me fully recommend!" - H.R.

"I wanted to let you know I received the new PCB board and it all works great. Thanks!" - G.S.

Camera modifications & repairs

"Camera turned up and everything appears to be working normally! Thanks so much for the quick turn-around. Looking forward to getting it out under some dark skies now!" - N.B

"Thank you very much Mark for all your work. Take care!" - M.T.

"Thanks very much for getting this fixed for us, we appreciate your efforts." - S.P.

"Thank you so much Mark, that was very helpful! I really appreciate that you took the time to answer in detail. Now I understand what's going on and can answer other peoples questions about the mod. Thanks!" - M.A.

"I am attaching some photos taken with the Sony ... it works great!" - S.L.A.

"Amazing, thanks so much." - J.H.

"Fantastic news, we appreciate your help and hard work on this." - L.P.

"That is just amazing. I agree. Very exciting. I definitely think we should pursue this project as the results are also better than I hoped." - M.L.

"I really appreciate your detailed response especially on a Sunday!" - G.W.