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Custom refractors

We now offer custom built refractors with world class optics from APM in Germany. For more info please mail to:

Instrumentation specialist

Thanks to the acquisition of new, large machinery we are optimising our facility towards making custom instrumentation - large telescopes, mounts, optics, etc. For more info please mail to:

Astronomy news

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Our products

Modified DSLR Cameras

Modified DSLR cameras for astrophotography.

Bespoke Engineering

We offer our wide ranging professional services to other manufacturers.

Sony A7s

Modified Sony A7s cameras for astrophotography.

Custom refractors

Custom built large refractors.

MCDK Astrograph

Our flagship telescope.

Predator MPP System

System to attach multiple OTAs to one mount.


Our range of DSLR derived cameras for astronomy, life sciences or other academic purposes. Very economical alternatives to CCD cameras.