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Custom refractors

We now offer custom built refractors with world class optics from APM in Germany. For more info please mail to:

Instrumentation specialist

Thanks to the acquisition of new, large machinery we are optimising our facility towards making custom instrumentation - large telescopes, mounts, optics, etc. For more info please mail to:

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Predator MPP System

The Predator Multi Purpose Platform is a system built for efficiency. Now that telescopes and high performance mounts are more and more affordable. It makes a lot of sense to put more than one telescope into service. You can shoot 4x as much data with this set up in the same time as with a single telescope. Imagine obtaining 24 hours of h-alpha data in just one 6 hour night, or getting a full set of narrowband data simultaneously. Each telescope is also individually actuated so it is also possible to make custom mosaics.

Predator Multi Purpose Platform

Depending on the needs of the system we can offer Telescope Service, APM or our own custom refractors. Please email us for more info about your particular needs. We can work with any aperture or telescope type and also any number of tubes within reason.

Predator Multi Purpose Platform Predator Multi Purpose Platform