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New Modified DSLR Cameras (2 year warranty)

Now available Sony A7s & Nikon D810

This is our selection of pre-modified Canon DSLR cameras for astronomy. Canon cameras have a proven track record of outstanding performance in astrophotography. Even in unmodified form, there are plenty of good images made with unmodified Canon DSLR cameras. It gets much better though! At the Canon factory the DSLRs are fitted with and IR/UV cut filter and a low pass filter, this stops infrared and UV light reaching the sensor, and it also removes quite a bit of visible red light too. These unmodified DSLR cameras produce nice images from everyday situations, but there is room for significant improvement.


There are two major variations of the modification of a DSLR camera. Our standard modification is a true full spectrum modification, this is biased towards astrophotography. We remove both the low pass and the IR/UV cut filter, which increases sensitivity to the h-alpha line by around 400% and also allows for NIR photography. This modification has the great advantage that the sensor is completely unfiltered, we do not fit a clear glass filter. These are a source of reflections and halos around bright objects. If you are using a light pollution filter, the IR/UV will be cut anyway, although you will need a clip in IR/UV filter (Astronomik is a good choice). If you wish the camera to be more balanced and easily useable for regular photography too then we can leave in the IR/UV filter (or change it for a Baader filter), this will eliminate the need for a clip in filter for proper terrestrial photography.


How is the JTW modification any different from other modifications? We take great care with the modification, from simple things such as being cosmetically perfect - not a single scratch to the case is permitted, the slightest damage to the black paint on a screw leads to it being replaced with a new one on reassembly. You will not be able to tell the camera has been opened. With the utmost attention to hygiene, the camera is disassembled under an in-house produced glovebox (no dust can get into the camera!). We do not fit clear glass as standard to correct the autofocus, we instead correct the position of the sensor. This retains auto-focus without the need for clear glass, the reason for this is that it totally eliminates reflections near the sensor, which even with coated glass will still be present around bright objects.

DSLR IR/UV Cut Filter Comparison

A modified Canon DSLR camera is a serious contender for expensive CCD systems, it has the large sensor size we all crave, high resolution, and thanks to the modification - high sensitivity! The newer models are much more sensitive than their predecessors too, there has never been a better time to take up astrophotography! These cameras come with all the accessories that you would expect with a new camera, including strap, battery, charger, manuals and software. There is a 1 year warranty on the camera. The camera can even still be used in daily life by the use of a custom white balance profile. So you really get a complete system, that is capable of terrestrial photography, astrophotography and in most cases also IR photography.


You can also order with your camera a copy of BackyardEOS, this award winning software really unlocks the full potential of your camera, and allows you to use it in the same way as a CCD camera system. With longer exposures, the ability to setup batches of different exposures and a whole ton of other features, such as framing, focusing, planetary modes, there are just too many to list here. Take a look at their website here Backyard EOS. Order a copy with your modified camera, you will not regret it!

Backyard EOS

Systems start from just 343,99eur! Huge sensor, high resolution, maximised sensitivity & 12 month guarantee. You will not find these cameras cheaper elsewhere, if you do, we will give you double the difference as a discount. Receive a further 10% discount off the camera if purchased at the same time as an Astrotrac system.

DSLR Comparison

Technical specifications

Model Megapixels Format Sensor Max ISO
EOS 1200D 18.7 22.3x14.8mm CMOS 6400
EOS 700D 18.0 22.3x14.9mm CMOS 12800
EOS 70D 20.2 22.3x14.9mm CMOS 12800
EOS 5D MkIII 22.1 36x24mm CMOS 102400
Modified Canon 600D

The complete system consists of:

  • New Canon DSLR Camera
  • Standard accessories
  • Warranty (1 year)

All cameras are offered with a one year warranty and a 30-day no questions asked return policy. We provide complete systems, including, software & cables. You also receive free access to software and driver updates for life.

Modified new cameras from - 343.94eur

Email us now! Filter installations on request

New - 424.99eur New - 709.99eur New - 999.99eur New - 2995.99eur