Our portfolio

The Gravitational-Wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO)

JTW Astronomy contributed   to the GOTO project which aims to identify optical counterparts to gravitational wave events. The GOTO system consists of a set of wide-field telescopes on a single mount, necessary to map the large source regions on the sky that accompany detections of gravitational waves with LIGO and VIRGO.


A robotic survey telescope for the detection of exoplanets. Designed and manufactured entirely in-house for the Ural Federal University. Special ETR environmental conditions also applied due to operating temperatures approaching -40 celcius in winter.


We provided mechanical services related to the propulsion nozzle and fuel mixer of a world record breaking rocket launch from TU Delft. Our parts performed to the specification and we were invited to contribute to the STRATOS III. The parts have been supplied and we are waiting for the launch later this year.