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Custom refractors

We now offer custom built refractors with world class optics from APM in Germany. For more info please mail to:

Instrumentation specialist

Thanks to the acquisition of new, large machinery we are optimising our facility towards making custom instrumentation - large telescopes, mounts, optics, etc. For more info please mail to:

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Custom Design & CNC Manufacture

JTW Astronomy CNC Milling Machine Fadal VMC 15XT

Our capabilities

Below is a list of our main machinery. We have two medium sized CNCs for general production work and two large machines for industrial sized projects. Besides this we have several smaller machines to keep the workshop running.

Fadal VMC 15XT - 4-axis CNC Milling Machine

JTW Astronomy CNC Milling Machine Fadal VMC 15XT

Fadal machines are renowned for their accuracy, we were lucky enough to find one that has only ever been used to drill PCBs or machine the occasional piece of aluminium. This machine is in excellent condition and is perfect for making high precision parts for use in astronomy. Connected to our CADCAM system we can go from a 3D model to a running program in a matter of minutes. With DNC control we can run programs of almost infinite length.

  • Travel - 762mm(X) x 406.4mm(Y) x 508mm(Z)
  • 4th Axis - 250mm (Max diameter)
  • Resolution - 0.003 mm
  • Table size - 749.3mm x 406.4mm
  • Max RPM - 7500
  • Tool changer - 21 tools
  • Power - 7.5kW (10 HP)
  • Control - 88HS/ISO/DNC
  • Weight - 3500kg

Mori Seiki SL25 Live Tooled

JTW Astronomy CNC Lathe Mori Seiki

Mori Seiki was one of the best machine manufacturers out there, now part of DMG Mori Seiki. This machine is basically a combination of our Fadal and our Monforts. It can turn and mill, under a lot of circumstances it can save a huge amount of work.

  • Maximum diameter - 550mm
  • Maximum turning length - 800mm
  • Resolution - 0.003 mm
  • Max RPM - 30000
  • Tool changer - 12 tools, 6 driven tools
  • Control - FANUC/ISO/DNC
  • Weight - 6000kg

Monforts RNC 1000 CNC Lathe

JTW Astronomy CNC Lathe Romforts RNC 1000

Monforts have 125 years of experience with machine building. This is a medium sized 2-axis CNC lathe that has a Siemens control and is also connected to our CADCAM system. We took our time getting this machine and like our Fadal this machine has had a very easy life working mainly with plastics and aluminium.

  • Maximum diameter - 340mm
  • Maximum turning length - 1020mm
  • Resolution - 0.003 mm
  • Max RPM - 5000
  • Tool changer - 12 tools
  • Control - Siemens/ISO/DNC
  • Weight - 8000kg


JTW Astronomy VDF CNC Lathe retrofit

This is a German built lathe with an unusually large diameter. It has been retrofitted with a Sinumerik 805 based Padovani teach-in CNC control. This machine is best suited for large components.

  • Maximum diameter - 800mm
  • Maximum turning length - 2000mm
  • Resolution - 0.005 mm
  • Max RPM - 740
  • Tool changer - Manual
  • Control - Siemens/ISO/Teach-In/DNC
  • Weight - 4000kg

Kearns horizontal borer

JTW Astronomy Kearns horizontal borer

Our Kearns is an old school British built horizontal borer. Our largest machine and also purchased for professional instrumentation.

  • Travel - 1200mm(X) x 900mm(Y) x 900mm(Z)
  • Resolution - 0.01 mm
  • Table size - 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Max RPM - 6500
  • Tool changer - Manual
  • Control - Conventional
  • Weight - 12000kg

40W Laser cutter

JTW Astronomy Kearns horizontal borer

This is a small laser cutter we mainly use to cut optical flocking for inside instruments. It can also cut materials such as plastics as well as engraving and marking metal, plastic or wood. The machine is loaded with industry standard .dxf files.

  • Travel - 300mm(X) x 210mm(Y)
  • Resolution - 0.01 mm
  • Table size - 300mm x 210mm
  • Control - CNC
  • Weight - 5kg

3D Modelling

JTW Astronomy CNC Lathe Romforts RNC 1000

We can produce components from a written description with no addition trouble, however your project may require more than one component in this case we can produce a 3D model for you and visualise how your project will come together. This will help reduce costs and eliminate troubles later on in your project.

JTW Astronomy CNC Lathe Romforts RNC 1000